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is aimed at celebrating women who have made their marks in their chosen endeavors

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The programme which is hosted by Ify George Anderson is aimed at celebrating women who have made their marks in their chosen endeavors. Not everyone had the opportunity of watching and listening to the stories these distinguished women have shared; the essence of which went beyond getting their stories to fulfill a career obligation to more importantly serving as encouragement for other women to keep to what they do and give it their all. It was in the light of this that WOS Nigeria, a print publication, was born.

Woman of Substance International is the result of the re-branding of Woman of Substance NIGERIA (WOS NIGERIA) Woman of Substance debuted on Television Continental Lagos in August 2008.

The magazine focuses on women who have risen to an enviable height in their chosen careers but who may be largely under-reported with the aim of celebrating their achievements whilst serving as inspiration to other women yet to mark their mark in their fields of endeavour. The Woman of substance is everywhere – she is resourceful, smart, an achiever with a strong CAN-DO spirit – and Woman of Substance International is set to feature their stories in recognition of their achievements.

Articles shall continue discuss health, parenting, budgeting, planning, fashion, beauty, and everyand any issue that is woman based. Beyond reportage however, Woman of Substance International shall serve as an advocacy platform to highlight and discuss policy issues which affect the woman (and the girl child) with the goal of being a change agent to effect better legislations for the benefit of women in society.

There are many print publications which report women issues. Content of most of these publications are however skewed in favour of the rich and famous women in society. Woman of Substance International believes that you do not necessarily have to be famous/and or rich to be impactful in the society. Indeed, many women have crossed hurdles and overcome challenges in sometimes, male dominated environments and have proven their mettle remarkably. However, a good percentage of these women have remained unrecognised, unsung and uncelebrated; these are the women whose stories we shall continue to feature as our cover stories.

There is the need to bridge this gap and scale up the quality of reportage of women issues from only gossip and entertainment to issue-based. This is the goal of Woman of Substance NIGERIA, rebranded to Woman of Substance International.

WOS NIGERIA was first published and distributed in January 2013 and has focused majorly on women in Nigeria. Rebranding to Woman of Substance International derives from the aim of the Editor to widen the scope of the original objective to include women who have been outstanding in their career irrespective of race, nationality and or location.

Woman of Substance NIGERIA magazine was launched on May 27, 2013 and had in attendance over 300 women covering many sectors of the society -media, civil society, health, fashion, education, politics, religious . Adjudged to have been a great success by attendees, we intend to extend the reach of the magazine to benefit more people.

Ify George Anderson is a seasoned and experienced Broadcaster and Activist on Women issues. Her experience spans 17 years across different Radio and TV stations in Nigeria, working with 96.9 Cool FM, Lagos, Radio Nigeria’s Metro 97.6 FM, Treasure FM in Port Harcourt, Capital FM Abuja, Rainbow FM, Radio Continental’s 102.3FM and Television Continental in Lagos interviewing a wide range of personalities.

She was also Station Manager of Rockcity FM, Abeokuta Ogun State and General Manager of Wave 91.7FM, Port Harcourt from where she resigned in December 2016 to nurture her own passion for women and girls.
Ify, despite a very busy schedule champions the course of women, organizing women empowerment seminars through her N.G.O – Women Awareness for Sustainable Empowerment Initiative (W.A.S.E.I) With her book “Not between my Legs” Ify reaches out to young women with her message of Tenacity, Hope and Perseverance in line with helping them build confidence in themselves.

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.
– Diane Mariechild

Ify George Anderson

Ify George Anderson


She devotes her spare time to training budding broadcasters, talking with and mentoring young people in higher institutions, giving speeches, Compering Corporate events, attending conferences and seminars aimed at impacting the lives of women. Ify loves spending time also with abandoned children at various orphanages around Nigeria, sharing love and giving gifts to mark her birthday (May 27) each year.