It is rude, wicked and mischievous for anyone to steal my photograph to attach it to a stupid audio of some person talking trash about a woman in “African orange suit flowers pretty pretty” (whatever that means)! -Ify Onyegbule Anderson

The world woke up last weekend to a photograph of Ify Onyegbule Anderson and an audio with a woman talking about a chat on facebook. In the said audio that spread like wild fire on whatsapp, the woman speaking in Jamaican accent demonized the woman she was reportedly chatting with on facebook saying she had demonic powers! This audio was circulating all weekend on social media platforms with a photograph of Ace Broadcast Journalist, Ify Onyegbule Anderson accompanying the audio.

Ify Onyegbule Anderson has reacted to this development with posts on her facebook page where she has distanced herself from this audio and expressed bitterness at the wrong use of social media!

Below is her reaction to the audio being circulated…

I woke up this morning with thoughts about how someone can maliciously steal my photograph on facebook with the intent to malign, taint and tarnish my image and reputation. The words “not all who are on Facebook are your friends” kept ringing in my head!

Whoever it is that’s behind the stupid act of attaching my photograph to a spooky audio by one Jamaican lady spitting rubbish…I must say you lack tact and the ability to choose good photographs to tell your story and you need to get back to class to learn more about picture stories!

For those who kept forwarding crap…it felt like zombies who just hear the word “go” just because they see the photo of a woman who is reportedly brown from what the crackhead was saying!

It’s amazing that the folks who were sharing this audio, many of them in Christain and women groups couldn’t even tell the difference between the colours Red, Maroon and Orange flowered pretty pretty as your Jamaican narrator put it!

As a trained professional, I ask questions and I look at things inside out before I jump on a band wagon and press the forward or share button. How can anyone wake up to share an audio that someone just recorded from wherever and another steals the photograph of someone else and add to this eerie audio and people are sharing it? How does it work that an audio just surfaces with a senseless string of thought and people believe it?

No wonder conmen have had a field day swindling people who lack the ability to sense when things don’t add up! They tell you your money will be doubled without you lifting a finger and you believe, they tell you to bring money to wash raw cash and you sell your properties to give them money because you foolishly believe them! No wonder people forward numbers to others that they should not pick because if they do, they will start vomiting blood!

No wonder many fake pastors trick and brainwash women into taking spiritual baths and end up having sex with them because they lack the ability to question certain requests and situations! Many married women are tricked into doing all sorts just because they lack the ability to chase their dreams but believe in a being like the fake pastors that abound who conjure enemies in their brains causing them to fight neighbours and friends! The deceit is alarming and people allow themselves to be drawn into the abyss because they lack the ability to think! What happened to our brains and the ability to discern right from wrong?

It just goes to show that the band wagon effect is very effective but many have destroyed lives by jumping on it like they have done in the last 3 days, forwarding Ify Onyegbule Anderson’s photograph all over the world! (The last time this happened was for a good cause when I went to Aba to search out a young man who battled with cancer, that photo went viral and called people to action towards saving his life) but for this, some persons are hell bent on destroying their own lives not mine!

A lot of people choose to share anything evil as long as they have data and they want to carry on with the machinations. Now I see how people can steal a man’s photo from his Facebook page and share that he was the Doctor who jumped into the lagoon and died. Others shared a pretty woman’s photo who lives in the US as the woman who was killed for kidnapping and stealing somewhere in the East, some other idle minds also shared the photo of a gorgeously dressed woman in the US as the owner of the flat in Ikoyi and the cash found there by EFCC…i remember how hard i tried to disabuse the minds of people sharing the photos in these 3 instances…people had their minds made up to share lies and deciet…how evil can we be in the process of wanting to spread wrong info and get likes?

We really need to be careful what we share about people because one press of that button on your phone can destroy the life of another person.

Family and friends have called me, Friends of friends and family of friends have called me from all over the world. Strangers who even had to search me out after people sent my names to them to buttress the fact that this was a hoax, called me to say this is what’s going round but we believe in you, we see what you do and we believe this is the work of evil people!

I tell you what…my destiny has always amazed me…because a lot of things that have happened to me seem to be because of God’s grace so whoever conceived this evil has just drawn the battle line with my God…it’s called the wrath and you will surely face it!

This has passed already because for me, I don’t dwell on distractions, I focus on my destination because the goal means more to me than any plan of the evil one and his cohorts!

Many have tried to tamper with what God has put his seal on but they have failed and you too have failed with this quest! Yes my photo has gone round and it will always be for my Good!

In all situations, tasks and endeavours, I never fail…I either win or I learn!

It is rude, wicked and mischievous for anyone to steal my photograph to attach it to a stupid audio of some person talking trash about a woman in “African orange suit flowers pretty pretty” (whatever that means)! That audio has nothing to do with me and is the handiwork of jobless persons who are obviously colour-blind and I think should find better things to do!

It is tough what people face on a daily basis because as you go about your normal business people sit in darkness perfecting their evil plans to tarnish your image and hard earned reputation!

From this I have learned that not all who smile with you mean well! The winning streak for me here is obvious because those who know me, know exactly who I am!

Whoever is engaging in this, be warned because the wrath of God will confine you where you should be, sooner than you expect!

Thank you for taking time out to read this. Kindly share and help stop the ignorance!