A former Oxford University Phd student raped a sobbing young woman in his flat then texted her a year later to apologise, a court heard.

Statistician Sherman Ip, 25, allegedly forced the victim down on to his bed and pulled off her clothes before attacking her.

The victim fled in tears but decided not to go to police after sending him a message to tell him what he did was wrong.

She was driven to make her allegations in October 2014 after receiving a text from Ip saying: “I am really sorry for raping you”, jurors were told.

Ip has a masters degree in Physics from University College London and in 2015 moved to Oxford University for the first year of his Phd as part of the Oxford Warwick Statistics Programme. He is now at Warwick.

The alleged victim told her boyfriend in September 2013 but decided not to make a formal complaint.

Mr Povall said: “What drove her to go to the police was a message she received from him in October 2014.”

The text read: “I am so sorry for emotionally abusing you and manipulating you to do things you didn’t want to do. I am really sorry for raping you. I am really sorry for hurting you. It’s all my fault.”

Ip, who has never been arrested before, made no comment in police interview.