Prince Philip, Husband Of UK’s Queen Elizabeth II, Admitted To Hospital

Prince Philip, Husband Of UK’s Queen Elizabeth II, Admitted To Hospital

Prince Philip, the 96-year-old husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, was admitted to hospital Tuesday evening as a “precautionary measure,” Buckingham Palace has told CNN.

The Prince, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, was being treated at London’s King Edward VII Hospital for an infection arising from a pre-existing condition.

“Prince Philip is in good spirits and is disappointed to be missing the State Opening of Parliament and Royal Ascot,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement. The Queen, who will give her annual speech at the opening of Parliament today, will attend the Royal Ascot races later this afternoon.

Dried lizard penis being sold online as India tantric root

Dried lizard penis being sold online as India tantric root

A joint investigative team from the UK and India say they have uncovered an “international fraud” where dried monitor lizard penises are being passed off as tantric plant roots.

The root, hatha jodhi, is believed to bring good luck and happiness as it resembles two hands joined in prayer.

A statement from World Animal Protection said Indian wildlife authorities had conducted raids in several states and seized samples.

The fake “roots” are being sold online.

Customers largely seem to be the Asian diaspora in the UK, other parts of Europe and the US, the statement said.

A recent raid in the eastern Indian state of Orissa saw the seizure of dried hemipenis from Bengal and Yellow Monitor lizards from a house in the city of Bhubaneswar, the statement added.

An Indian member of the investigating team said the illegal trade was of major concern for the continued survival of the lizard species involved, as both Bengal and Yellow Monitor lizards are protected under Indian and international law.


Ex-UK diplomat gets ‘Order of British Empire’ for Ebola fight in Sierra Leone

Ex-UK diplomat gets ‘Order of British Empire’ for Ebola fight in Sierra Leone

A former British diplomat who helped fight the deadly Ebola virus during the outbreak in West Africa has been awarded an OBE – Order of the British Empire.

The Royal Family on Friday confirmed that the United Kingdom’s former Deputy High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, Kate Airey, had been conferred with the honour by the Prince of Wales ‘‘for her Ebola response work.’‘

At a time when nationals were being evacuated from Sierra Leone, Kate chose to stay behind to help fight the deadly disease which claimed thousands of lives across West Africa, specifically in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

She helped families to bury their babies, she reportedly washed her hands 400 times each day and prayed for deliverance. Ironically her husband and daughter had been flown out whiles she led a team of Foreign Office workers to confront the Ebola scourge.

At the time, Kate said the situation at hand offered an opportunity to make a positive mark on the affected people directly hence her decision to stay behind and not worry about the consequences of having to do so.

Hello reports that her work has been previously acknowledged principal amongst them was an invitation to the residence of the UK Prime Minister (Number 10 Downing Street) where the then PM David Cameron presented her with a special medal.

Beware What You Share on Facebook as  Algerian man Lands in jail for dangling baby from window

Beware What You Share on Facebook as Algerian man Lands in jail for dangling baby from window

A stunt for 1000 Facebook “likes” has landed an Algerian man in jail. He was found guilty of endangering the safety of a baby boy.

An Algiers court sentenced the unnamed man to two two-years in prison after he posted photos of himself clutching the boy’s shirt from behind with the threat of dropping the boy.

The shots are said to have been taken from the 15th floor of an apartment block. The accompanying caption to the photo read, “1,000 likes or I will drop him.”

The photos shows other apartment blocks on the other side of his and a series of cars parked below. The baby is at one time looking in the direction of his dad and at another time looking downwards.

The Al Arabiyya news portal reports that his post sparked a social media outrage that called for his arrest, he was picked up last Sunday and arraigned before court.

President Buhari Named Amongst Africa’s Sick Presidents

President Buhari Named Amongst Africa’s Sick Presidents

Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari is in the United Kingdom, Angola’s Eduardo Dos Santos was in Spain, Benin’s Patrice Talon just returned from Paris and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe frequents Singapore.

Ordinarily one would think these leaders fly out to participate in international engagements or for official visits but that is not the case in respect of those mentioned above. All four left home to seek medical treatment abroad.

What is it about the healthcare system back home that these leaders would rather seek treatment outside their respective countries?

Buhari’s undisclosed ailment and the London trips

74-year-old Muhammadu Buhari returned home in March 2017 after spending seven weeks on sick leave in the UK for an undisclosed ailment. He left Abuja on January 19 after informing the National Assembly.

He is, however, back in the UK since May 7, for ‘further medical checks,’ his wife visited him earlier this month and reported that he was doing well and fast recuperating. It is unclear when he will be returning but his Vice-President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, continues as Acting President till then.

The last publicized medical condition he had was an ear infection for which Buhari was in the UK for treatment sometime last year. In the case of the recent ailment, the Presidency insists that its a private affair and that he was fit to continue in his role as President.

Buhari who came to power in 2015 as leader of Africa’s biggest economy and most populous nation, his recent absence has been raising fears and speculation about his ability to run the country.

A recent letter signed by 13 civil society organizations called on him to take medical leave.
As it stands now, he is on leave and is expected back to continue running affairs of the country.

Dos Santos’ Spanish treatment and fake news purveyors

Oil-rich Angola for the first time in a long while officially confirmed that longtime president, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, was in Spain to seek medical treatment in May.

Despite leaving the country in early May, it was not until May 29, that the foreign minister confirmed the news after opposition parties heaped pressure on the government to disclose the location of the man who has led Angola since 1979.

Before the Minister’s clarification, fake news websites planted a story reporting the death of the 74-year-old, it took his daughter, Isabel Dos Santos, to debunk and chide the purveyors of such news on her social media handles.

Dos Santos steps down from power after 38-years in charge. He will continue to lead the ruling party but Joao Lourenco, Interior Minister will be on the ballot paper for the MPLA in presidential polls slated for later this year.

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe and routine checkups in Singapore

From Angola, we move across the southern Africa region to Zimbabwe, where the continent’s oldest leader, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, has been flying out to Singapore to seek medical attention. He has been out twice this year alone.

The government says the 93-year-old suffers from eye cataract disputing the opposition claims that Mugabe is afflicted by a cancer. At a time when he was flying out to seek treatment, major hospitals in the country were in crisis.

Some had resorted to turning away non-emergency cases, at a point doctors had embarked on strikes, some facilities had announced the suspension of surgeries citing the unavailability of medicines.

Mugabe is, however, billed to be on the ballot paper when elections are held next year. The ruling ZANU-PF picked the nonagenarian as its candidate.

Benin’s Talon and the Paris surgeries

The latest leader who stepped out for medical reasons was Patrice Talon of Benin. The presidency has opened up about his condition disclosing that the 59-year-old underwent two successful surgical operations during his recent visit to Paris.

According to a statement released on Monday (June 19), one procedure was due to doctors finding a lesion in his prostate while the second operation was in his digestive system.

His absence for close to three weeks as is the case in most African countries, raised concerns and speculation about his whereabouts.

Talon “has completely recovered” and “is fully exercising his constitutional duties,” his office said upon his return to the country on Sunday (June 18). Talon, a successful cotton businessman was elected President of Benin in March 2016.

He took over from Thomas Yayi-Boni who had served his constitutionally mandated two terms. Talon defeated the then Prime Minister, Lionel Zinsou, in second round of voting after both men led in the first round.

South Africa’s Deputy President Ramaphosa Expresses Readiness To Take Over From Zuma

South Africa’s Deputy President Ramaphosa Expresses Readiness To Take Over From Zuma

South Africa’s deputy-president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has all but confirmed his intention to run for the presidency of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) come December this year.

The 64-year-old businessman who was speaking at an event in Johannesburg chose to use the analogy of a co-pilot taking over from the captain to steer the ship (South Africa) to a safe destination, the News24 portal reports.

The news portal said in response to a question about who the captain of South Africa’s flight was, he said planes were steered by a captain and a co-pilot, adding that it was the ‘‘co-pilot’s plane now,’‘ a reference to his desire to succeed his boss and current president, Jacob Zuma.