Woman lures dad to bed to scare his fiancee

Woman lures dad to bed to scare his fiancee

A 26-year-old woman in China has been charged to court for luring her father to bed and having sex with him because she didn’t like the woman he was engaged to. The 58-year-old man had sexual intercourse with the daughter on two occasions in 2009.

A psychological report revealed that the daughter, who has not been identified, was “deprived of her mother’s love” and the sexual encounters stemmed from “misplaced love, infatuation and devotion to her father”.

The district court in Hong Kong heard that the pair’s intimate relationship began when the daughter was 19-years-old, the South China Morning Post reports. The young woman’s horrified brother, then in secondary school, found out about the intercourse and told the police, the court heard. He did not realize that it was consensual.

Indian mother rejects baby purported to be a reincarnated god

Indian mother rejects baby purported to be a reincarnated god

A baby boy has been inundated with visitors who believe he is a reincarnation of a Hindu god – despite being rejected by his mother.

Mum-of-four Khalida Begum gave birth to the as yet unnamed infant on Monday, according to reports in India.

But the 35-year-old was “shocked” when she saw he had a small head and bulging eyes.

Local reports claim doctors diagnosed him the with extremely rare genetic condition harlequin ichthyosis, which gives sufferers thick skin and deformed features.

However, his symptoms appear to be more consistent with another rare defect called Anencephaly.

Villagers in Kadamgachi in Kathihar, are now flocking to the family home, believing he is an incarnation of Hindu monkey God Hanuman, it has been reported.

His mother said: “Several body parts of the baby is not completely developed.

Woman finds diamond in hard boiled egg

Woman finds diamond in hard boiled egg

Finding a pearl in an oyster is one thing, but what about a diamond in a hard-boiled egg?

Sally Thompson of Cumbra, U.K., was having some boiled eggs for breakfast when she says she felt something funny in her mouth.

“I took one, peeled it and bit into it when I feel something like gristle in my mouth,” the 39-year-old told South West News Service. “It fell on to the plate and I couldn’t understand where it had come from ― I thought it had come from me.”

What Thompson saw was a small diamond.

Sally Thomson, who lives in Armthwaite, Cumbria, took a bite out of a boiled egg and bit on a small diamond inside the egg she had just boiled. See Ross Parry story RPYEGG; A bride-to-be got a shock in the week leading up to her HEN party when she bit into a hard boiled egg and a ‘DIAMOND’ fell out. Betrothed Sally Thomson was amazed to discover her sparkly surprise when she bit into her carefully-prepared egg made as part of her pre-wedding diet.

“I couldn’t understand where it had come from,” she said. “The only place could have been from the egg.”

The egg with the diamond came in a six-pack Thompson purchased from from Asda, a British supermarket chain.

She was worried that someone had actually lost a diamond. However, a jeweler who examined it said the gem was most likely cubic zirconia, not a real diamond.

Now Thompson wants to figure out how the diamond got into the egg and posted on a Facebook wedding website looking for answers.

See why Mum-of-seven committed suicide just weeks after discovering she was pregnant again

See why Mum-of-seven committed suicide just weeks after discovering she was pregnant again

A mum-of-seven suffering from depression took her own life just weeks after discovering she was pregnant again, an inquest heard.

Carla Murtagh, 34, from Birmingham, had booked an appointment to have an abortion, but later changed her mind and decided to keep the baby.

But nine days later the full time mum told her husband Matthew at home she wanted to ‘go upstairs and be left alone’, before being found hanged.

Birmingham Mail reports that the city’s coroner’s court heard how Carla was rushed to Heartlands Hospital by paramedics after Matthew found her, and A&E staff attempted to resuscitate her.

Doctors performed an emergency caesarian on the mum, who was 25 weeks pregnant at the time, but the baby was stillborn.

A short time later, Carla was pronounced dead by medics.

Matthew said: ‘We were shocked because it wasn’t planned. She considered having an abortion because we already had so many children. She was upset, and we were discussing how we were going to have another baby.’

Carla, who suffered with conditions including depression, consulted her GP at the end of August about her pregnancy and told him she wanted an abortion.

French presidential hopeful arrested after baring breasts in semi-naked political protest

French presidential hopeful arrested after baring breasts in semi-naked political protest

Cindy Lee, real name Isabelle Laeng, has thrown her hat in the presidential ring, battling against political heavyweights Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron.

Representing the Pleasure Party (Parti du Plaisir) the former stripper illustrated her demand for more transparency in politics by leaving most of her outfit at home, revealing all in just nipple pasties and hot pants. 

According to express.co.uk, the 52-year-old took her protest to the French parliament in the capital, Paris, which saw her messages to French MPs cause such a commotion 30 riot police had be to be drafted in.

Ms Lee said she wanted to highlight the problem of corruption among election officials, and said: “We are here to demand transparency when it comes to corruption, and this outfit justifies transparency.”

A supporter carried a banner carrying the message ‘strip off corruption’.

She handed out flyers detailing her campaign promises – while scantily-clad – to passing politicians and motorists.

Some of her election pledges include taxing financial speculation and putting the money raised into projects helping the French have better and more fulfilling sex lives.


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A mother refused to breastfeed her own child – or even touch the infant – after it was born with a rare genetic disorder which left the child with ‘shell’ for skin.

A mother refused to breastfeed her own child – or even touch the infant – after it was born with a rare genetic disorder which left the child with ‘shell’ for skin.

The mother, aged 28, delivered the child in a hospital in Bihar in India – and it’s believed to be only the second child in the country born with ‘harlequin ichthyosis’.

The mother said, ‘I have no idea how this happened.

‘My family and I are completely devastated. I am in shock as I was really looking forward to becoming a mother of a healthy child, be it a girl or a boy

Harlequin ichthyosis is extremely rare, and children with the genetic disorder are born with white ‘plates’ of thickened skin, with cracks in between them.

The disease can often be diagnosed in the womb by ultrasound scans. Children with harlequin icthyosis are prone to severe bacterial infections, and doctors in the hospital said the baby was not expected to survive for long.

Many patients with harlequin ichthyosis die shortly after birth, but some patients have survived for decades.

Harlequin ichthyosis is an extremely rare and severe inherited (genetic) ichthyosis.

There are approximately five such children born in the UK each year and some may be stillborn.

What is harlequin ichthyosis?

The name comes from the appearance of the skin at birth.

Affected babies are born prematurely and small for dates.  The skin is covered in tight, thick, plates of hard scale and resembles armour plating or the harlequin suit of a jester.  It splits at several areas causing deep cracks.

Children who survive are affected with severe inflamed ichthyosis and may be small and scarred in places.  They will need ongoing intensive skin treatment with creams and courses of retinoid medicine and many require physiotherapy, counselling and extra tuition.

Harlequin ichthyosis comes out of the blue.  The parents of an affected baby are carriers and will have a one in four risk of any future baby of theirs being similarly affected.

This is another genetic disease due to a single important skin gene being faulty or mutated. In this case, the mutation is in ABCA12, a gene thought to be involved in transport of lipids (fats) into the spaces between the cells in the skin’s uppermost layer.  These lipids act as a protective barrier against bacteria and infection.

Harlequin ichthyosis cannot be prevented but it is possible to diagnose or recognise it early in pregnancy by removing some of the amniotic fluid surrounding the developing foetus to identify if there is a mutation in ABCA12.

This allows the family to decide if they wish to continue or terminate the pregnancy.

Source: the Ichthyosis Support Group.