The female breasts have remained the most conspicuous and attractive feature of the female sexual organs. Besides the age long biological function of the breast as a source of food and nourishment for babies, the breast is also a major source of sexual attraction for the male specie, just as it is also a key sexual organ for the woman, highly sensitive to stimulation.

As a sexual organ, the breast have been known to give immense pleasure to both men and women during sexual encounters. In fact some women have reportedly disclosed that they are capable of achieving orgasm even when thoroughly stimulated through sucking and caressing of the breast alone.

But apart from serving the function of mother infant bonding, and sexual bonding between couples, vigorous sucking of the breasts of a woman by her husband has been proven to be a way of preventing breast cancer.

Some years back a BBC report suggested that men and women should have their breasts sucked thoroughly to help them stay away from breast cancer. The report published by BBC indicates that sucking has the tendency to reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

There are also studies that advise men to fiddle with their wives breasts and suck them too, as this will help detect if the wife has a lump, and if there is an abnormal growth in the breasts, none of which has been proven scientifically.

However, what has been scientifically proven is the fact that breast sucking when properly performed is of immense pleasure to the woman and may sometime on its own lead to orgasm or when combined with some other forms of sexual stimulation will help a woman to achieve orgasm quicker. Again, no research has shown that breast sucking can give a woman cancer either.

Now you know that touching and sucking your wife’s breast gives pleasure, go ahead and enjoy what nature has bestowed on you and please share this story for others to read!