Finding a pearl in an oyster is one thing, but what about a diamond in a hard-boiled egg?

Sally Thompson of Cumbra, U.K., was having some boiled eggs for breakfast when she says she felt something funny in her mouth.

“I took one, peeled it and bit into it when I feel something like gristle in my mouth,” the 39-year-old told South West News Service. “It fell on to the plate and I couldn’t understand where it had come from ― I thought it had come from me.”

What Thompson saw was a small diamond.

Sally Thomson, who lives in Armthwaite, Cumbria, took a bite out of a boiled egg and bit on a small diamond inside the egg she had just boiled. See Ross Parry story RPYEGG; A bride-to-be got a shock in the week leading up to her HEN party when she bit into a hard boiled egg and a ‘DIAMOND’ fell out. Betrothed Sally Thomson was amazed to discover her sparkly surprise when she bit into her carefully-prepared egg made as part of her pre-wedding diet.

“I couldn’t understand where it had come from,” she said. “The only place could have been from the egg.”

The egg with the diamond came in a six-pack Thompson purchased from from Asda, a British supermarket chain.

She was worried that someone had actually lost a diamond. However, a jeweler who examined it said the gem was most likely cubic zirconia, not a real diamond.

Now Thompson wants to figure out how the diamond got into the egg and posted on a Facebook wedding website looking for answers.