The world’s youngest ever self-made billionaire is an Irishman. 26-year-old John Collison was born in 1990 in the city of Limerick and went on to co-found the company Shuppa at the tender age of 17 with his older brother Patrick.

Now both have been included on the Forbes Billionaire List for the first time. They are estimated to be worth a cool $1.1 billion each after founding the incredibly successful online payment system, Stripe.

Ranked jointly at the 1,795th place out of 2,043 entrances the siblings join six other Irish citizens in the exclusive global club.

According to, the pair is no longer based in Limerick and has taken up residence in Silicon Valley where Collison hasn’t been afraid to dip his toe into the stormy waters of US politics. In February he declared that President Trump’s plans to restrict access to the H1-B visa would lead to the demise of Silicon Valley as the world’s technology capital.